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kế hoạch sô: 876/KH-UBND ngày 13/9/2019 của UBND xã Ninh Sim

kế hoạch sô: 876/KH-UBND ngày 13/9/2019 của UBND xã Ninh Sim
về việc lập kế hoạch đầu tư công trung hạn giai đoạn 2021-2025



Trang1/3 Trang 1 / 3UY BAN NHAN DANxANINHSIMCONG HOA xA HOI CHU NGHiA Vl~T NAMDoc Hip - Ttl' do - Hanh phucS6 : 'Bl-G /UBND"vJ viec ldpki hoach adu tu congtrung han giai doan 2021 - 2025".Ninh Sim, ngay A? thong 9 ndrn 2019Kinh goi: Phong Tai chinh - KS hoach thi xa Ninh Hoa.Can cir cong van s6 1163/TCKH ngay 05/9/2019 cua Phong Tai Chinh - KShoach Ninh Hoa v/v l~p kS hoach d§.utu cong trung han giai doan 2021 - 2025;Nay UBND xa Ninh Sim bao cao mot s6 nQi dung nhu sau:1. Danh gia finh hinh thuc hi~n k~ hoach dAu to' cfmg trung han giai doan2016 - 2020.a. VS phan c~p d§.utir theo Nghi quyet 19/2015/NQ-HDND ngay 09112/2015cua HDND tinh vS nhiem vu chi d§.u til cac c~p ngan sach giai doan 2016 - 2020,Nghi quyet s6 15/2015/NQ-HDND ngay 09/12/2015 cua HDND tinh vS nguyen tac,tieu chi va dinh rmrc phan b6 chi d§.utu cho cac c~p giai doan 2016 -2020 nhu sau:- Danh gia kSt qua thuc hi~n phan c~p nhi~m V\ld§.utu cho cac nganh, lInh vl;t'ctren dia ban;tinh d6ng 5Qgifra phan c~p nhi~m V\lchi v6i vi~c phan b6 ngu6n v6n cuacac c~p ngan sach; tinh d6ng bQgifra phan c~p nhi~m V\lchi d§.util v6i vi~c phan c~pvS quan ly d§.utu xay d\Illg: KSt qua thl;t'chi~n phan c~p nhi~m V\l d§.utu cho UBNDxa qua cac nam:+ UBND thi xa da c~p theo kS hO<;lchtrung h<;lnnam 2016 - 2020 t6ng s6 tiSn:11.595.000.000 d6ng 111.595.000.000 d6ng d<;lt100 %, da thi cong xay dl;t'ngduQ'c 17cong trinh, trong do:·Ngu6n t~p trung XDCB hang nam : 6.594.000.000 d6ng, da thi cong xay dl;t'ngdUQ'c13 cong trinh.· Ngu6n ngan sach thi xa quan ly giao xa lam chu d§.utu: d6ngda thi cong xay dl;t'ng2 cong trinh.· Ngu6n ph\l trach dia ban: d6ng da thi cong xay dl;t'llg2 congtrinh.+ Chuang trinh nong thon m6i: 10.487.000.00_0d6ng/10.487.000.000 d6ng d<;lt100 % da thi cong xay dl;t'ng7 cong trinh, trong d6:·UBND tinh da c~p s6 tiSn: d6ng.·UBND thi xa da c~p s6 tiSn: d6ng.Trang 1 / 3 Trang 2 / 3- Danh gia S17phil hop cua tieu chi va dinh rmrc phan b6 chi d§.u nr (gan voiphan c~p nhiem vu kinh tS - xa h9i, trinh d9 nang hrc cua cac cap, kha nang ngansach: Dinh rmrc phan b6 chi d§.u nr phil hop voi phan c~p nhiem vu kinh ts - xa hoi,- Nhimg kho khan, vuong mac kiSn nghi di@u chinh, b6 sung v@phan c~pnhiem vu chi d§.u nr cac c~p ngan sach: khong co y kien,b. Danh gia tinh hinh thuc hien kS hoach d§.unr cong trung han giai doan 2016-2020: Trong qua trinh thuc hien, UBND xa da thanh toan cho cac cong trinh khongdS no dong xay dung co ban va khong co cong trinh chuyen tiSp til nam 2016 - 2020chuyen sang nam 2021 - 2025.2. L~p k~ ho~ch dAu hr cong trung h~n giai do~n 2021 - 2025:Nguyen t~c l~p kS ho~ch trung h~n 2021 - 2025: v@ngu6n v6n phan c~p hangnam cua xa, nam sau cao han nam tru6c 10%.Nam 2019 ngu6n t~p trung XDCB cua xa la: 1.338.000.000 d6ng (trong do 5%:duy tu bao du5ng cong trinh 64.000.000 d6ng)Nam 2020 ngu6n t~p trung XDCB cua xa la: 1.472.000.000 d6ng (trong do 5%:duy tu bao du5ng cong trinh 67.000.000 d6ng)V~y kS ho~ch d§.utu cong trung h~n giai do~n 2021 - 2025.nhu sau:NGUONVONXDCB T~P TRUNGTHEO PHAN cApHANGNAM-xAQUAN LY (dang)5 % DUY TUBAODUONGCONGTRINH(dang)TONG C<)NGNGUONVON(dang)STT N<)IDUNG1 Nam 2021 1.549.000.000 70.000.000 1.619.000.0002 Nam 20223 Nam 20234 Nam 20245 Nam 2025TONGCQNG1.707.000.000 74.000.000 1.781.000.0001.881.000.000 78.000.000 1.959.000.0002.073.000.000 82.000.000 86.000.000 2.371.000.0009.495.000.000 390.000.000 9.885.000.000UBND xa khong co cong trinh chuySn tiSp til nam 2016 - 2020 ma chi co congtrinh xay d17ngm6i giai do~n 2021 - 2025.Kem thea m~u s6 1: Tinh hinh th17chi~n cac d17an dftu tu cong giai do~n 2016- 2020 va d17kiSn kS ho~ch nam 2021 - 2025.D17kiSn kSt qua d~t dugc: khong dS ng d9ng xay dvng cO'ban.Trang 2 / 3 Trang 3 / 33. D6i v6'i cac chuong trinh dAu tu congoNam 2018 UBND xa duoc UBND tinh, UBND thi xa d~u tu cac cong trinh xaydung nang than moi (kern thea biSu s6 2: Tinh hinh thuc hien cac chuang trinh d~utir cong giai dean 2016 - 2020 va du kiSn kS hoach 5 nam 2021 - 2025).Tren day 1£1danh gia tinh hinh thuc hien kS hoach trung han nam 2016 - 2020va du kiSn kS hoach d~u tu cong trung han nam 2021 - 2025 cua xa.Nui nh(in:- Nhu tren;- Luu VTTM.Uy BAN NHAN DANCHUTICHITrang 3 / 3 Tìm trong tài liệu 876.signed.pdf Đang hiển thị 876.signed.pdf. Trang 1 / 3 Nhúng mục Dán HTML để nhúng vào trang web: OK
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Have you read any good books lately? tubegalore Key's centre-right government had also balked at the initial $36 million funding when they took power from the previous centre-left Labour-led coalition government in 2008 in the wake of the global financial crisis.

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I'll send you a text xvideos Yorkshire Building Society’s 1.66pc deal, launched at about the same time, is the cheapest two-year fix for home owners with loans of £200,000 and above. Although the initial rate is higher, the fee – at £975 – is substantially smaller.

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What part of do you come from? eporner A second source familiar with the negotiations said Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall had approved the broad outlines of the deal, which includes further reductions in the cost of the planes from the previous contract.

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I want to report a petardas The U.S. World War II Memorial on Washington's central Mall, a flashpoint for anger over the forced closure of national monuments and parks, opened early on Thursday, as a park employee in hip boots waded into the fountain to clean it.

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I'd like to open a business account stromectol ivermectin Even Republicans, presumably inclined to blame the other side, are divided about whether responsibility belongs to the Democrats are to both parties equally. That's not true among Democrats: Eight in 10 say the GOP is largely to blame.

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A Second Class stamp stromectol ivermectin Cabrera hit a one-hop liner to short. Ramirez did well to stop the ball while falling down and flipped to second baseman Beckham wide of the bag. Beckham threw to first to retire Cabrera for the only out on the play as Bourn scored.

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I've only just arrived stromectol ivermectin TMI people, TMI. This is the vacation a couple takes when they decide they would like to have a baby. Carefully timed and filled with romance, several hotels offer packages designed to help things along to set the mood, so to speak.

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Directory enquiries stromectol ivermectin Rivera was joined by his wife, Clara, and their three sons as Joe Torre, Gene Monahan, Gene "Stick" Michael and more than a half-dozen of the closer's former teammates awaited them on the field.

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Sorry, I ran out of credit stromectol ivermectin Nicaragua, under Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, was one of the first — and only — countries to recognize the independence of Georgia’s pro-Russian breakaway territories South Ossetia and Abkhazia after the country’s weeklong war with Russia in 2008.

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I sing in a choir stromectol ivermectin The galactic bulge, stretching over thousands of light-years, is considered to be one of the most significant parts of the galaxy. The origin and the structure of this enormous central cloud consisting of 10,000 million stars were not very clearly understood by the astronomers.

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Do you have any exams coming up? stromectol ivermectin Drummond exported 26 million tonnes of coal in 2012, aboutone third of the national total. It had been expected to produce32 million tonnes out of some 94 million tonnes of forecastnational output in 2013, which would earn the nation about 900billion pesos ($480 million) in royalties, the government hassaid, up from 700 billion pesos last year.

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We need someone with experience stromectol ivermectin Children should be able to look forward enthusiastically to starting school, not fearing a premature ambush before having adequate defences. They should be properly grounded and be able to walk on their own, either within their families or at nurseries and schools that properly nurture the growing child and don’t batter them with targets or unrealistic expectations.

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I saw your advert in the paper stromectol ivermectin “He is an outstanding public servant, with vast experience of financial and economic policy. He brings an important European and international perspective that will be vital in ensuring that the Bank can shape both the UK and international financial systems so that they effectively serve the needs of the real economy.”

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An estate agents stromectol ivermectin But the most encouraging numbers were among smokers, wherethe response rate was 26 percent compared with 10 percent ofpatients who had never smoked, said Professor Jean-Charles Soriaof France's Institut Gustave Roussy, who led the study.

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About a year stromectol ivermectin Before leaving the social media network in June, Sarver wasin charge of Twitter's platform, building relationships withother companies that use Twitter's data. He left his post beforeTwitter filed plans for an initial public offering thatinvestors say is one of the most anticipated since Facebook Inc.

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I work for myself stromectol ivermectin Activity in China's manufacturing sector hit a four-monthhigh in August as new orders rebounded, a preliminary surveyshowed. This added to promising reports for July ranging fromfactory output, exports to retail sales, reinforcing signs ofstabilisation in the world's No.2 economy.

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An accountancy practice stromectol ivermectin There was this kind of opening for Rex when he first hit town in 2009, when the Giants ended up missing the playoffs and the Jets made a late-season run from 7-7 all the way to Indy and Peyton Manning and the AFC Championship Game.

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I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh stromectol ivermectin Stenson’s closing 66 at Sawgrass in 2009 has entered golf folklore as one of the greatest rounds ever. He might need something similar to finish his week at Castle Stuart, for Mickelson looks to be in a hungry mood.

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A packet of envelopes stromectol ivermectin o end the government shutdown, all Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has to do is bring a clean continuing resolution up for a vote that makes no mention of ObamaCare. And according to reports, most Republicans in the House would be game for such a plan, not to mention the chamber's Democrats.

11/16/2021 8:40:58 PM

I work with computers stromectol ivermectin Banks and building societies are able to knock up to 0.25 percentage points off a rate in one swoop without notifying customers, and yet still be within FCA rules. The guidelines allow as much as half a percentage point to be removed over the course of a year.

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Where do you live? stromectol ivermectin Only patients whose tumors contain the non-mutated version of a gene called KRAS took part in the trial. Erbitux is only approved in this patient subgroup, which accounts for about 60 percent of colorectal cancer cases.

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Nice to meet you stromectol ivermectin For these attacks, the US relies on consecutive rounds of strikes - missiles are dropped, killing people. A moment later - when people in the area have raced to the scene to help the wounded, another round of missiles is dropped.

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Another year stromectol ivermectin "I would like the college to explain why it decided to ban the veil for security reasons in the first place: how many veiled female students have posed a security risk in the past or been involved in any sort of criminality to have justified such a controversial decision?"

11/16/2021 8:41:36 PM

Good crew it's cool :) stromectol ivermectin “Seeing this case as a rare one just because there were large protests over it is the wrong way to go about it,” says Kabita Krishnan, an activist who had mobilized many of the protesters in support of women’s rights here. “The trial in this case has been exemplary, but fighting rape demands that every case be dealt with similar alacrity and conviction rates must go up,” she says.

11/16/2021 10:47:52 PM

We'd like to offer you the job stromectol ivermectin Foreign governments are a substantial business for U.S. lobbying and public-relations companies, industry analysts say, and there's nothing illegal about representing countries that have less-than-stellar human-rights records as long as the companies provide detailed reports of their activities to the U.S. government.

11/16/2021 10:48:05 PM

We were at school together stromectol ivermectin “The IOC and the USOC had previously requested that the medal be returned,” said USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky, confirming the organization had received the medal. “The USOC has made arrangements to return the medal to the IOC.”

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